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Today we have 22 published works of the Maharal.


  • Gur Aryeh ("Young Lion", see above), a super commentary on Rashi's Pentateuch commentary

  • Netivoth Olam ("Pathways of the World"), a work of ethics

  • Tif'ereth Yisrael ("The Glory of Israel"), philosophical exposition on the Torah, intended for the holiday of Shavuot

  • Gevuroth Hashem ("God's Might[y Acts]"), for the holiday of Passover

  • Netzach Yisrael ("The Eternity of Israel"; Netzach "eternity", has the same root as the word for victory), on Tisha B'Av (an annual day of mourning about the destruction of the Temples and the Jewish exile) and the final deliverance

  • Ner Mitzvah ("The Candle of the Commandment"), on Hanukkah

  • Or Chadash ("A New Light"), on Purim

  • Derech Chaim ("Way of Life"), a commentary on the Mishnah tractate Avoth

  • Be'er ha-Golah ("The Well of the Diaspora"), an apologetic work on the Talmud, mainly responding to interpretations by the Italian scholar Azariah di Rossi (min ha-Adumim)

  • Chiddushei Aggadot ("Novellae on the Aggada", the narrative portions of the Talmud), discovered in the 20th century

  • Derashot (collected "Sermons")

  • Divrei Negidim ("Words of Rectors"), a commentary on the Seder of Pesach, published by a descendant

  • Various other works, such as his responsa and works on the Jewish Sabbath and the holidays of Sukkot, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, have not been preserved.

Some books have been translated in English and other languages.

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